Sharon Hosegood Discusses the Future of Arboriculture

Sharon Hosegood has had a unique and inspiring journey through the public and private sectors respectively, resulting in the establishment of her own Aboricultural Consultancy.

Sharon is one of the select few Arbs who works on the innovative root radar system to scan and increase awareness of the growth patterns of root systems below the paved surface. Here at GreenBlue Urban we have found her extensive knowledge and expertise invaluable.

In this podcast interview, Sharon provides an overview of the particular role Arbs play across the public/private sector divide and gives a view as to the future of her industry. As we can tell from the interview, Sharon is passionate about the profession and hopes to encourage young people to consider a career working to secure the long-term health of our canopy.


To find out more about Sharon and her work, please visit her website: http://sharonhosegoodassociates.co.uk/about/

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