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Discussing SuDS with Ian Hawthorn

We were delighted to be able to grab a few minutes with arguably one of the most forward-thinking and enthusiastic Head of Highways in the capital.

Ian Hawthorn Cmgr MCMI ExDip, Head of Highways Maintenance and Capital Projects (LBHF + RBKC) Co Chair at London Technical Advisory Group.

Ian has extensive experience working across the public and private sector divide to realise complex and ambitious sustainable urban drainage schemes, having delivered award-winning schemes, notably Australia Road. Clearly he has no intention of stopping now! For Ian, the ambition is to ensure that SUDs schemes are installed as the ‘norm’ and he works proactively to ensure that members of his highways teams have the most up to date insights into the latest research and solutions to make it happen on the ground.

In this interview, we focus on one particular scheme, GreenBlue Urban’s first flagship, SUDs bioretention tree pit installations on Goldhawk Road. We co-created this design with Robert Bray Associates and thanks to Ian’s efforts, this approach could be tested in the type of complex, urban environments where SUDs must work around the multitude of existing constraints in and around the highway.

Ian’s interview covers issues relating to engaging utility companies, community engagement and the future of SUDs and the highway in an age in which space under the ground will be even more constrained when 5G services are rolled out.

Goldhawk Road has been entered for this years Susdrain Awards – to discover more click here

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