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Tom Armour Interview – Director of Landscape, Arup + Partners

We had the privilege to talk with Tom Armour, Director of Landscape at ARUP .

Tom has been instrumental in promoting the green infrastructure agenda bringing a unique, creative and style across the organisation and further afield.

One of the most important and salient points Tom makes during the course of the interview is the importance of raising the status of green and blue infrastructure to become on a par with more conventional grey infrastructure. This is critical when making the economic argument for integrating nature into the hard landscape. The question of maintenance is pertinent here – we don’t ask why we should be maintaining other critical components of a city’s infrastructure such as traffic lights but the components that constitute the green pulse, the natural lifeblood of the city, must always be tirelessly fought for.

The role of branding and how we create a vision for a particular city predicated upon its green and blue infrastructure characteristics and credentials is also a topic Tom addresses and a key means by which stakeholders, particularly developers can be engaged in the co creation of a new healthier, natural city.  This is a theme we are confident solutions such as ours can assist with – without the capacity to integrate retrofit schemes into a city space, renewal, revitalisation and re visioning cannot be achieved.

Want to find out more about Arup’s work focused on green infrastructure in action, providing the latest thoughts from the team then check out Arup’s Cities Alive series.

Tom also makes reference to Manchester City of Trees – Read more about our work with this fantastic organisation here.


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