JP Associates Discusses GI In Planning

I spoke with Jeremy Peirce from JP Associates to reflect upon the current situation and future of trees on new developments.

Having worked with Jeremy as part of the Tree Design Action Group in the South West, his passion for the establishment of high quality trees in the hard landscape and their long-term maintenance is evident.

Having established his practice eighteen years ago, working consistently with volume housebuilders and developers, Jeremy is well placed to provide insight into the challenges of integrating trees onto new developments. Jeremy outlines the difficulties of operating within the current planning system and poses the question as to whether it would be desirable for larger developers to outsource the installation and maintenance of trees in the hard landscape to external experts.

The difficulties of providing the sheer volume of homes and the percentage of affordable housing required to meet the needs of the UK in the 21st century, creates an additional pressure for developers to provide more units and less landscape. Jeremy and I discussed the benefits of providing solutions that save space and provide multifunctional benefits such as the SUDs compatible tree pits GreenBlue Urban have developed over the last 25 years of operation.

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