Introducing UDL with Esther Kurland

Urban Design London is a non-profit organisation that provides training and support for London’s Boroughs and the GLA family.

Meeting with Esther Kurland – Director of UDL, planner and Urban Designer who has worked with local authorities in policy, development control, design and conservation.  Our latest podcast discusses the works of Urban Design London, whose aim is to help practitioners create and maintain well-designed, good quality places. They do this by offering training and networking services that reflect the most up to date policies, research, best practice examples and funding criteria.

Their events have seen a noticeable growth in interest and acceptance of the role in green and blue infrastructure, presenters are increasingly talking about the benefits that landscaping can bring in areas such as storm-water management, public realm improvements, and public health.

They state “We have been effective in playing a significant role in increasing skills and directly improving the quality of places. We are not a commercial training provider and work hard to ensure all income we receive is used to support our members”.

Listen now to discover more.

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